Sweet Selfie Spots for Historic Places Day

For the National Trust of Canada’s Historic Places Day summer-long selfie contest, we have scoped out some of our favourite selfie spots at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site for visitors to strike a pose. Here are some prime locations you can find when you visit the Cannery!

Our iconic fish wall which represents the many marine species that have been fished commercially on Canada’s west coast. The fish wall explores the various methods used to catch these fish and discusses the sustainability of each practice. Visitors are always wowed by how large the life-size fish are, especially the halibut, which can grow up to 272kg!
A life preserver on our back dock. We are situated at the estuary of the Fraser River, where the river flows into the Pacific Ocean. Although there are no canneries left in Steveston, the harbour remains an active commercial fishing port.
Our newly refurbished fish bin. In the early years of canning, a crew of men called pitchers would stand knee deep in salmon, moving each fish individually with a long handled, one-tined fork called a peugh. Visit the Cannery and test out your pitching skills by using a peugh to sort model salmon in our fish bin!
A bonus photo of historic “selfie” shot found by the fish bins on the Cannery’s receiving floor. We don’t recommend lying on a bed of fresh fish, but many other great selfie spots can be found around the national historic site.

If you aren’t able to visit the sites in person, go to the Historic Places Day website and virtually “travel” to historic sites across Canada to download some great selfie backdrops. Don’t forget to post your selfie to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, using the hashtag #historicplacesday, then tag us at @gogcannery, and finally tag and follow @nationaltrustca, before July 31st for a chance to win $1000 for yourself and for our site!

Stay tuned for more selfie spots at the Cannery, coming soon. 

Posted by m.horita
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