Tea Fishermen

tea fishermen

Submitted by Rachel, Head Interpreter

One of my favourite things in the gift shop this year is the Tea Fishermen. They’re the perfect example of something you look at and say “well I didn’t even know these exist but I definitely need one!” These little silicone figures sit on the edge of your tea cup and hold the tea bag in place so it doesn’t fall into the water. And because they’re silicone, they’ll adjust to many different sizes of tea cups.

The Tea Fishermen are, according to the box, “based on the old story of Jiang Taigong, who used straight fish hooks because he believed that the fish would come to him when they were ready.” Created by Wang Lei, they were one of the winners in the 2014 China Design Challenge. And, at only $14.50 for a set of 4, they’re a perfect little stocking stuffer.

Posted by m.horita
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