The new & revised Tin Fish Gourmet cookbook is here!

Submitted by Abigail, Heritage Interpreter

We all have it: that one random can of tuna, salmon, or crab lurking at the back of our cupboard. Maybe it was purchased simply because it was on sale, or maybe you ended up with an extra can after trying out a new recipe. It sits there unopened, taunting you, taking up space, and every time you see it you wonder if you will ever find a use for it. Wonder no more – there exists a cookbook that solves just this problem!

Local food-professional, Barbara-jo Mcintosh, of Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks, first published Tin Fish Gourmet in 1998, and it has been revolutionizing the way people eat canned fish for almost two decades. As McIntosh says, this cookbook is “perfect for students, those on a budget…those with time constraints… and any home cook with a pantry.”  After years of receiving requests for an update, the long-awaited “new and revised” edition of Tin Fish Gourmet was published in 2014, and features 24 new recipes!

Stop by the Cannery and pick up your copy today! We even sell delicious local canned salmon to help get you started with some recipes, right away.


Posted by m.horita
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