Zombie Preparedness at the Cannery: II

In a continuation of our Zombie Preparedness series, the next few posts will be all about impromptu weaponry. Some of our handy artefacts will make you an intimidating zombie fighter when the time comes.

It is important to know how to defend yourself against zombies. They can be neutralized only by severely damaging their brains, and the body can function even when missing most of its parts. A severed zombie head can still bite.

Peughs were traditionally used to move fish from the holding tank of a boat into massive fish bins that were separated according to species. They are long wooden tools, sometimes made out of oar handles, with a metal spear on the end.


Men would spear the fish underneath the gills to lift them. The sharp pointed end is obviously ideal for precision undead defence, but the handle can also be used as a club in a pinch. Peughs come in various lengths but are usually about five feet long. The shorter ones are preferred by experienced zombie hunters who prefer agility over firepower and who are not afraid to get a little closer to the living dead.


These impressive tools live in the Mezzanine storage area and are ready to be repurposed for a more exciting use.

These artefacts have been rediscovered as part of the 2013 Parks Canada Collections Rationalization Project.

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