Zombie Preparedness at the Cannery: III

When the inevitable undead apocalypse occurs, and after you have found somewhere to hunker down, you may perhaps want to make some excursions. This week we are increasing the selection of impromptu weaponry that can be used to defend oneself in the presence of the living dead.

Similar to last week’s peugh, the Cannery also has a collection of gaffs. These can have long or short handles, but they all have the same amount of zombie killing. This shorter one appears to have a handle that used to be a baseball bat. There is a sharp hook at the end for more precision work – and who is saying what you might need it for? Brute force and agility are combined in this intimidating undead defender!


Creative weaponry is a must when everyone will be scrambling to defend themselves. Thankfully, the Cannery also has a collection of massive chains that are the perfect length for swinging at zombies, 1950s mob style. Bring out your inner gangster with these chains of 20cm long heavy iron links.


These artefacts have been rediscovered as part of the 2013 Parks Canada Collections Rationalization Project.

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