Zombie Preparedness at the Cannery: IV

This week we have a selection of brute-force weaponry for not-so-subtle zombie defence. These artefacts require a fair amount of body strength for successful wielding against the undead, but as we all know, any zombie just needs a good smack to the head to stop pestering you for brains.

If worst comes to worst, you can salvage from your fishing boat. The first artefact is a stern net roller. They can usually be found on the stern of a small fishing skiff. Originally used to haul up gill nets, this one can now be repurposed for zombie bashing. It is over a metre long but surprisingly lightweight – 4 lbs – and so can be lifted and swung even by very petite people.


The next artefact was purposefully designed for clubbing, and is even stained with fish blood. This fish club was used for neutralizing particularly aggressive and large fish. It was made from a section of oar handle and is 55 cm long, about half the length of the stern net roller. Don’t be dismayed by its comparatively small size – this is a serious smasher.


Pack some serious heat with these no-nonsense hulk smash fishing artefacts.

These artefacts have been rediscovered as part of the 2013 Parks Canada Collections Rationalization Project. 

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