Audition for this year’s Haunted Cannery Tours


Halloween auditions

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic site is looking for sixteen work experience students to work on a project with us.  Through this placement students will earn 30+ work/volunteer experience hours towards graduation transition requirements.  This placement is for grade 10, 11 and 12 students who are interested in pursuing further education and a career in theatre arts, history, and/or museum studies.  This placement works towards and includes the performance of a play.

The ideal applicant will:

  • Be enrolled in either grade 10, 11 or 12 Drama, with a high level of competency in stage performance.

o   Be comfortable building and performing a character.

o   Have strong vocal ability.

o   Take direction well.

o   Be comfortable performing in front of large audiences.

o   Be a strong team player.

  • Interest in history, especially local history.
  • Maintain good grades.
  • Be punctual and committed.
  • Be outgoing, enthusiastic and self-motivated.
  • Have customer service experience.

Summary of placement:

Every year the Gulf of Georgia Cannery hosts a Halloween Tour.  In recent years we have been trying to increase community involvement and increase the level of performance experience with our cast.  In this placement, students will have the opportunity to perform an amazing site-specific play, which features one of the most important historical buildings in the Metro Vancouver area.  Their days will be filled with theatre workshops, tours of the historic building, rehearsals for the play, and several other fun and educational activities.

Orientation: Wednesday Oct 9th 1:00 – 5:00.
Shift times: Wednesday Oct 16th, Friday Oct 18th, Wednesday Oct 23rd, and Friday Oct 25th
Performances: Saturday Oct 26th and Sunday Oct 27thMakeup and performances will take place from 9am to 6pm.

*Students must be able to attend all shifts, performances, and the orientation.

Summary of the play:

George McMillan, the owner of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, has been murdered.  The homicide unit of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) has been called down to Steveston to investigate this murder.  The audience joins Detective Adams as he investigates the scene of the crime and interrogates the suspects.  Each employee at the Cannery has a motive and the means.  The question remains; who killed George McMillan?  Are they still in the building?  Could one of us be next?

  • Through this particular work experience placement, as prescribed by the B.C. Ministry of Education, the following intellectual, social, and career developments will be achieved.

In their intellectual development, students will achieve:

·         The ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences; this includes the ability to access, synthesize and present information; including:  an understanding and appreciation of artistic and aesthetic expression.

·         The ability to think critically and solve problems, using information to develop opinions and make sound judgments and decisions.

·         An understanding of the importance of a lifelong commitment to continuous learning.

       In  their human and social development, students will achieve:

       The knowledge and skills required to be socially responsible citizens who act in caring and principled ways, respecting the diversity of all people and the rights of others to hold different ideas and beliefs.

·         The attitudes, knowledge and positive habits they need to be healthy individuals, responsible for their physical and emotional well-being.

·         The attitudes and competencies they need to be community contributors who take the initiative to improve their own and others’ quality of life.

In their career development, students will achieve:

·         The confidence and competencies they need to be self-directed individuals who display initiative, set priorities, establish goals, and take responsibility for pursuing those goals in an ever-changing society.

·         The skills required to work effectively and safely with others, and to succeed both as individual and collaborative workers.

Volunteer Benefits:

 Unlimited access to the site throughout the duration of their placement

  • Theatre workshops
  • Historical workshops
  • Gain customer services and communication skills
  • Meet and connect with other students who share similar interest
  • Work Experience hours

Interested students should email Mark Turpin and Annika Penner with a cover letter and resume.  If you require more information about this placement, or the specific responsibilities of the students, please do not hesitate to contact Annika.

The deadline to submit applications is Wednesday September the 27th

Applicants being considered for this placement will be contacted and required to audition.

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