Canning at EPIC – Sustainable Living Expo


For a while, it seemed as though canning was becoming a lost art, something left to storytelling at the cannery. Today, food is readily available at the store and is much more affordable. And with our busy schedules, who has time to can food?

As a reaction to globalized¬†mass industry and food production, consumers don’t always want to buy tomatoes¬†grown in Mexico, oysters canned in China, or peppers grown in California. Over the past few years, people have become increasingly conscious¬†of where their food is from. People are supporting the local industry¬†and¬†local farmers’ markets around the city, the 100¬†mile diet, slow foodism, and more.

And canning fits right in! Canning food is a good way to preserve local seasonal harvests, and in turn, helps support local farmers and fishermen. With this growing interest in the local, the practice of canning is coming out of our grandparents’ cupboards and into¬†our contemporary kitchens in the form of jams, canned vegetables, fish and more. Canning allows you to enjoy local foods, even after the seasons have past.

For those of you interested in learning more about canning, Emerie¬†Brine of Bernardine Home Canning will demonstrate proper canning techniques at EPIC –¬† Sustainable Living Expo on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to Brine’s demonstrations, Epic will also feature demonstrations by¬†chefs from across this city, sharing their sustainable cooking practices.

Be sure to check out the Cannery store, as they also feature canned fish from sustainably practicing companies.

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