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The digitization team is still hard at work getting the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society’s photo collection ready for its online debut – and that means I have another photo for you! This week, we are looking for the name and location of the Cannery in the photo (scroll down for a full description of what we do know).

If you can help us, please either post a comment or email Rachel.

1998.006.006/8 A

Photo of the Week: June 16

This photo depicts four men mending nets near a large building, somewhere in British Columbia. The men are laying the nets out on wooden racks to be dried and repaired. The large building in the background is likely an unidentified cannery due to its “L-shaped” design. According to the Society’s records, this photograph was taken in the early 20th century – around 1910s. This photograph is part of the Lewis Faulkner Collection. It is a black and white photograph, measuring 4.5 X 7 inches.

We are also still looking for information on the first two photographs, which you can find here:

June 2: Intro to Digitization project and mystery cannery

June 9: Mystery machine

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