Today is World Oceans Day!

What does that mean?  

  • The oceans of the Earth are what separate us, yet and at the same time, they join us together. Today we celebrate our oceans and their conservation!

Why do we celebrate the world’s oceans?

  • They help generate oxygen we breathe
  • Food is provided by the oceans
  • The oceans play an important role in climate regulation
  • Clean the water we drink
  • Offer us potential medicines
  • Provide limitless inspiration, joy, and activity!

How can we play a part?

  • Help protect our future oceans
  • Plan events in your community
  • Making small every day changes can help conserve oceans
  • Change your perspective
  • Learn more about the oceans near and far from you.

“While 12% of the earth’s land is protected, less than 3% of the world’s coastlines are.” –

To learn more about what you or your community can do, have a look at the World Ocean’s Day website.

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