Huge thanks to the Haunted Sea Crew

A big thank you to the hard-working volunteers and Cannery Crew who helped to bring the Haunted Sea into the ‘after’-life at the Cannery last weekend. Our annual Halloween event took place on October 27 & 28, as we revealed what lurks in the mysterious fathoms below! The entire Herring Reduction Plant side of the Cannery had been closed for a week leading up to the event, and when the gates finally creaked open on Saturday, we found the space had been taken over by flowing seaweed, coral reefs, giant tentacles, nets, and jellyfish, all created from over 5,000 feet of disposed plastics and styrofoam. The materials had been collected from staff and volunteers, and were artfully transformed by our talented Event Coordinator and mastermind of this undersea wasteland, Trish Falkstone. Trish’s passion to keep our oceans and rivers waste-free were embodied in her imaginative (and spooky!) recreation of what the ocean depths may look like if we continue to dispose of otherwise re-usable products.

If you missed the Haunted Sea this year, here are some photos from the weekend that shows just some of the people and the work that went in to making this event happen. Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!


Posted by m.horita
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