10th Annual Delta Richmond Heritage Fair

This year’s Delta Richmond Heritage Fair takes place on May 5th at the Richmond Cultural Centre. Over 200 local students will showcase their Canadian-basedĀ historical and heritage oriented projects. Student workĀ is judged by a panel of 22 judges (one of which is the Cannery’s own Britney Quail). Based on their results, the best projects will advance further to heritage fairs at the national level.

Through the medium of their choice, students display stories that portray Canadian heroes, legends, milestones and achievements. Projects are to be presented not only to the general public, but also to a panel of judges.

The Heritage Fairs program is a bilingual educational initiative, encouraging students to explore Canadian history and heritage in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment.

The fair, which is free to enter, invites students, schools, heritage organizations, businesses and community groups to actively get involved in a “contemporary celebration of traditions and events.”

The general public can view the projects this Saturday.

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