The Label Unwrapped – A Great Day for a Picnic!


ā€œThe Label Unwrapped: The History of Canned Salmon Labelsā€Ā is the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Siteā€™s current feature exhibit, which recently opened in May 2019. In this blog series Shannon King, Manager of Audience Engagement, shares some insight into the new exhibit and the colourful stories behind the labels.Ā 

When companies turned their focus to the domestic Canadian market after the Second World War, labelsĀ idealized family lifeĀ in order to make a sale.Ā Labels with images of picnics,Ā beachĀ vacations,Ā dinner parties, and cozy homes became popular.Ā Ā 

One of these labels is featured in The Label UnwrappedĀ exhibit.Ā It isĀ the Picnic Brand label from theĀ Canadian Fishing CompanyĀ that features a family enjoying a picnic of canned salmon sandwiches. MotherĀ looks like she couldnā€™t be anyĀ happierĀ to sitĀ on the grass in her fancy blue dress and high heeled white pumps.Ā Mother is certainly notĀ concerned aboutĀ possibleĀ grass stains on the sonā€™s white pants.Ā Ā 

The family on the labelĀ isĀ anĀ outdatedĀ idealization. So, we decided it would be fun to inviteĀ visitorsĀ toĀ make thisĀ picnicĀ moreĀ representative of Canada today. InĀ TheĀ Label Unwrapped,Ā you will findĀ all theĀ suppliesĀ you needĀ to join the picnic.Ā  WeĀ would love to see images that our visitors have taken of themselves in the picnic.Ā Ā 

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