The Label Unwrapped – Fancy Pink Vogue Brand Salmon

This Vogue Brand label image is provided courtesy of the City of Richmond Archives item # Vogue_S 5 SS4 F2_folder 4

“The Label Unwrapped: The History of Canned Salmon Labels” is the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site’s current feature exhibit, which recently opened in May 2019. In this blog series Shannon King, Manager of Audience Engagement, shares some insight into the new exhibit and the colourful stories behind the labels. 

Why Vogue Brand, I wonder 

Was it the fashion of the day to wear a blue Tam o ‘shanter hat like the character on the label?  

Or was it suggesting that you, too, could be en vogue (in fashion or trendy) if you just combined your canned salmon with a little “Bechamelle” sauce 

We may never know for sure, so let’s just take a moment to enjoy this fantastic image of a Scottish laddie riding a salmon, shall we?? 

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