We CAN Do It! Life Hacks of the 1940’s

I-00836 (Royal BC Museum Archives)

Submitted by M. Thompson, Programs & Exhibits Assistant 

The Women on the Homefront exhibit at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site has had a curious effect on visitors. For children, the toy vegetable garden is a simple source of delight. For teens and younger adults, the exhibit has connected them with what they have learned in school about World War II. However, for those with considerably more experience behind them, this feature exhibit has called up real memories of what life used to be like. Antique radios and rationed sugar for them are not fascinating, novelty artefacts, but symbols of their own childhood, parents, and for some, the war.

We at the Cannery, as stewards of the real histories of real people, would like nothing better than for the rest of our current generations to understand what was once commonplace in their grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ lives. And so, we introduce an program series that will run from this July until April of 2017, entitled We CAN Do It! Life Hacks of the 1940’s.

A “life hack” is any trick, shortcut, or skill that makes your life more productive in a manner both simple and economical. Examples include making miniature vases out of light bulbs, or controlling errant cords with bread tags, as well as tips for such things as daily exercises and clutter organization. In the 1940’s, there were similar skills and techniques to be shared, whether it involved pickling vegetables, knitting scarves, or baking with less sugar. What is important to note is that not only are these nuggets of knowledge a part of our collective past, but they are still relevant today! Pickling, knitting, and healthy baking; so much fits right in with today’s trends.

From now until next spring, through our Life Hacks of the 1940’s programs, see how history can come to life in your hands as you learn to knit, read Morse code, make wooden toys, garden, and above all, participate in the sharing of experience between people and generations from all walks of life.

We CAN do it!

Scheduled programs: 
July 23 Saturday 1pm to 3pm – 1940’s Knit-in (included in admission)
August 20 Saturday 1pm to 3pm – 1940’s Life Hacks for Wartime communications (included in admission)

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