A Couple of Hooligans at the Cannery

We’re not referring to those riotous young’uns running around town, but rather – a blues band called “A Couple of Hooligans”, featuring Dave Webb on the keyboard and Harpdog Brown on vocals, who performed at Music at the Cannery last Friday.

Harpdog Brown is wearing a shimmery blue suit paired with baby blue oxfords. He has a beard to rival any grizzled Steveston fisherman and is, in my humble estimation, at least five times taller than a bear. Dave Webb sits at his keyboard with ankles hooked on the legs of his stool, fingers steady and sure as he teases out tune after tune.


Their music is even better than their fashion taste, if you can believe it. Harpdog Brown’s husky voice is the perfect accompaniment to Dave Webb’s expert keyboarding and together, they dazzled the crowd. Their last song – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – was well received with happy sighs and nostalgic smiles.

If you’re sorry you missed last Friday’s show, Harpdog Brown will be back on August 29th to play another evening of Blues – this time, with guitar by Jordan Edmonds, self described as a “young man with an old soul when it comes to playing blues guitar.”

But before that, be sure to hustle back tomorrow, August 1, for Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, a JUNO award winning multi-instrumentalist. Doors open at 6. Admission by donation and a cash bar will be available.

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