The Jessica Stuart Few Strike a Chord in Steveston

All heavy clouds and murky skies, last Friday was the typical deceiving calm before the storm.

Fortunately for Music at the Cannery and their performers The Jessica Stuart Few, the rain managed to hold off for the duration of the show. And good thing, too – what a shame it would have been to miss a show like this due to weather trouble!

The Jessica Stuart Few, back for their second year, can best be described as indie-rock-folk-jazz… which is to say, they are hard to categorize as they are a little bit of everything. One thing that can safely be said, however: the Jessica Stuart Few are as much a blend of the East and West as Steveston is, and, like Steveston, does it in the best way possible – seamlessly. Layering the Japanese koto with drums, guitar, and double bass, they manage to create a richly textured harmony of sounds that pay homage to both traditional and modern inspirations.

Though Jessica, with her tug-at-your-heartstrings throaty voice and skill at the koto was obviously a star of the show, her bandmates Jon Foster and Dan Fortin were not there to simply look pretty either (though, true, the entire band was incredibly svelte). The two were very much talented in their own right; Jon had the crowd clapping and exclaiming with delight at his drum solo, and Dan’s obvious skill at the double bass was a delight in and of itself.

Photos by A. Penner

This Friday, July 25th, we hope for a bright yellow sun as we enjoy an evening of blues with A Couple of Hooligans, Dave Webb and Harpdog Brown. Don’t miss it – doors open at 6:00pm!

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