Uke enthusiasts entertained by Ralph Shaw

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Ralph Shaw, “King of Ukulele”

Last Friday, July 11, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery was graced with sunny skies and sunny spirits, no doubt buoyed by the presence of Ralph Shaw – the one and only King of Ukulele. Bright, captivating, and humorous, his British Music Hall inspired music was met with enthusiasm by all. (So much enthusiasm, in fact, that we were sold out only minutes after 6:30! A tip for all those looking to join in on future music nights: be sure to arrive by 6:15 to guarantee yourself entry.)

Who knew there were so many ukulele enthusiasts squirreled away here in the Greater Vancouver area? Upon arriving to the concert, one gentlemen even commented: “I wasn’t aware that it was bring your own ‘uke’,” and for good reason; it seemed like half the crowd had their own miniature instrument tucked safely under their arms.

Ralph Shaw’s music is whimsical and playful, something that captured the crowd and kept them rapt. He made them laugh — he made them croon — he made them want to sing and strum along. He even, when the time was right, made them yodel. His passion and joy for what he does shows in every song – even the ones in which he literally “woofs” like a dog. Talk about a performer!

Join us this Friday July 18th, music enthusiasts, to groove along to the Jessica Stuart Few.

– Blog and Photos by M.Chen

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