“32% of the world’s fish are overfished”

The sad truth is that we are overfishing our oceans. An article written by Renee Schoof featured in yesterday’s Vancouver Sun, highlights these facts.¬†Schoof not only¬†discusses¬†the decline of¬†marine populations due to growing demand over the years,¬†she also highlights¬†various¬†reasons why it is challenging to¬† maintain sustainable harvests. The fishing practices in international waters is problematic, she suggests, as these waters are harder to control.¬†Instead, they are managed¬†by regional multinational organizations, and not by national governing bodies. While there are limits on fish capture worldwide, that doesn’t¬†mean fish habitats¬†are being respected by those using our oceans.¬†Given the many obstacles putting pressure on marine populations, Schoff supports the idea of placing greater¬†restrictions on fisheries as a solution. [Read full article].

Consumption of seafood has increased by 25% worldwide over the past 20 years alone, and will continue to grow. What will happen 60 years from now?

Please refer to Seachoice Seafood Guide for ocean-friendly consumer choices.

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