Alaska salmon fishery pulls out of MSC certification programme

According to the World Fishing and Aquaculture website, Alaska is North America’s largest source of wild-caught salmon.¬†The¬†fishery¬†is comprised¬†of chinook, sockeye, pink, coho and chum, all caught in the state’s coastal waters. Alaska was an early participant in the MSC program beginning in 2000 and continuing until October 2012, at which time their certification will run out, and¬†won’t be renewed.¬†Until this time, all of their product can carry the eco-certification label.

After receiving letters from eight of their processors – Trident Seafoods, Icicle Seafoods, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Peter Pan Seafoods, Alaska General Seafoods, E & E¬†Foods, Kwikpak¬†Fisheries and North Pacific Seafoods – they were compelled to comply to requests¬†and end certification. There is little explanation for the pullout in the website’s article on the issue, perhaps it is¬†related to ocean-ranching (see previous blog post).¬†Here is¬†what the article¬†said:

The companies’ reasons for announcing their pullout note that MSC certification has been welcome and valuable for more than a decade. However, the majority of these processors now feel it is time to redirect their resources toward a broader marketing message. [Read full article].

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