BC salmon caught up in the black market?

There are numerous elements taking their toll on the declining populations of salmon in the Fraser river. The Cohen Commission Inquiry over the past year has been investigating the matter trying to obtain answers as to why there has been such a drop in numbers over the years.  Recent studies, discoveries, and hypotheses have unveiled a wide variety of direct or indirect factors relating to this decline, these  include: increases in sea lice populations, fish diseases resulting in death, predators, fish farming practices, fluctuating climate changes, pollution and water conditions, to name a few. There seems to be a wide array of natural and human causes taking their toll on the decline of sockeye salmon. The latest news generating  interest, as further investigations ensue, is the decline in populations as a result of black market salmon sales.

We have heard about black markets for bluefin tuna, we know it exists for shark fins, but a black market for wild salmon? According to this Globe and Mail article, elements of it have been taking place in BC since the 1980s, and it continues on today.

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