Boycotting Salmon

Should You Stop Eating Salmon?”  Today’s feature article in The Tyee suggests that it’s time for us to consider giving up salmon all together.  Although sustainable seafood campaigns have raised awareness about species at risk, all species of B.C. salmon have been consistently yellow-listed.  Choosing wild salmon rather than farmed salmon does not do enough to help the declining salmon stocks.  And some researchers interviewed in the article support a boycott of Fraser River salmon.  So are you ready to stop eating salmon?

The bottom line, say researchers, is that all salmon species are in decline, with some stocks sinking to unrecoverable levels. The iconic wild animal of the Pacific Northwest is facing total extinction. Which raises a very hard question here in British Columbia — a question that strikes deep into our economy, our cultural pride, our very identity in this part of the world. Is it time to stop eating salmon? … [read full article]

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