Can we save our rivers?

The astonishing decline in this year’s Fraser sockeye salmon run has baffled many. Although the cause(s) has not been pinned down, there has been a growing call to action.

Stephen Hume wonders what policymakers will do about the problem:

This isn’t just about missing fish, embarrassed bureaucrats, squabbling stakeholders and tap-dancing politicians. It’s about us. It’s about who we are as citizens of a democracy. And it’s about whether something big is going on that’s causing an entire ecosystem to unravel — an ecosystem on which we happen to depend, too. [read full article]

Meanwhile, Rafe Mair points to the effects on hydro projects on B.C.’s river and streams.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘to assassinate’ as “to murder … by sudden or secret attack, often for political reasons.”

Too strong? Assassination seems like the right word for me. But even if it isn’t, this must be stopped. Killing our rivers cannot be tolerated by any society for any reason. This is more than an economic matter. It is spiritual. We define ourselves and are defined to the world by our wilderness and the bounties it contains.

We cannot, on our watch, allow others to destroy that precious gift which we hold in trust. [read full article]

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