Canfisco and Ocean’s Fisheries unite

Ocean’s Fisheries is one of the few remaining working canneries in the Greater Vancouver area. Two west coast competitors, Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco) and Ocean’s, pooled their assets as of June 1st. All the processing plants will be operated by Canfisco, creating an advantage for Ocean’s to access the production power of the larger company. The products put forth by each cannery will be sold separately on the market.

“What we see is it giving us access to an expanded source of supply and continuity, and especially access to some of their US plants when sometimes the BC catch isn’t that great, we can get access it that way. That’s a big plus for us. For [Canfisco,] I guess it brings some kind of consolidation to the industry,” says Aidan Hughes, who became the president of Ocean Fisheries when the new arrangement went into effect. [Read more].

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