Cannery Store Feature: Fish without mercury

Are you aware that Canadian albacore tuna is low in mercury?

So often we hear it is best to limit one’s consumption of fish to one¬†or two servings a month,¬†yet Health Canada recommends two servings of seafood¬†a week. So what does this conflicting information mean?

It turns out that during their life cycles, some fish are more exposed to mercury than others. The fish with greater exposure, such as ahi tuna or swordfish, should only be eaten once or twice a month. Whereas fish which are least exposed to mercury, such as albacore tuna or wild and farmed salmon, can be consumed more frequently (this includes pregnant women and children).  So, if you enjoy fish, eat wild or farmed pacific salmon, albacore tuna, shrimp, rainbow trout, Atlantic mackerel, sole, from BC or Canada. And if you really enjoy tuna, a spring 2011 media release update from the BC Provincial Health Authorities announced that Canadian albacore tuna has low levels of mercury. To learn more refer to the BC Health webpage.

If you like canned tuna or canned salmon, come by the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Store which carries a variety of tasty and delicious canned tuna and smoked, canned salmon low inmercury. Swing by and get your supply today.

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