Challenge to B.C. regulation of fish farms before Supreme Court

Early this month, the B. C. Supreme  Court heard a challenge to the province’s jurisdiction over B. C. fish farms.  Opponents to coastal fish farms want the industry to be regulated by the federal government, not the provincial government because fish farms affect federally managed oceans.  Read the full story here

Alexandra Morton of Raincoast Research Society led the campaign to bring the matter to the courts.  She explains the reason for the challenge is to clarify government responsibility:

“Many of you have asked what the point is in taking fish farms out of Provincial hands into Federal hands. The reason is that it is the law. Further, during the past 20 years when anyone brings up an issue with fish farming, the Feds point to the Province and the Province points to the Feds and in my opinion neither do anything useful. This legal action could bring the whole mess under one roof and it would be crystal clear whose responsibility it is to clean house.”

The judge’s decision in the matter is still pending.  Read updates here.

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