Cohen Commission Used as Platform for Sea Lice Debate

A letter to the Richmond News editor today continues to show the passionĀ behind the debate regarding sea liceā€™s affect on wild salmon. Otto Langer pointed out how Vivian Krause, a representative for BC salmon farmers,Ā made an ā€œemotional presentationā€ to try to convince Commissioner Cohen that there is no link between salmon farm sea lice and wild sockeye. He went on to say her presentation was ā€œan attack on Alexandra Morton and anyone else who has found sea lice to be harmful to wild salmon.ā€

[O]ne simply does not use the Cohen Commission to blindly defend the salmon farmers from any association with sea lice and then attack someone like Alex Morton who has proven her credentials in studying relationships between salmon farms, sea lice and sea live infestation of wild salmon. … [read full article]

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