Cohen inquiry is about more than salmon

Jeffery Young and Michelle Molnar of the David Suzuki Foundation believe the Cohen Commission needs to do more than look at the salmon decline of recent years, it needs to study why we put the species in continued risk.┬á They feel the federal government’s┬á mandate is clear but express concern regarding the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.┬á The latter organization has┬áconflicting objectives┬áto protect wild salmon while promoting a harmful aquaculture.┬á Young and Molnar want the inquiry to deal with issues such as “separating science from management and making science advice transparent to the public, and providing a positive path for the future that benefits everyone by making a public commitment to a Pacific salmon rebuilding plan.”

The need for change is clear. It is time to focus our efforts on recovering and rebuilding Pacific salmon, rather than maintaining outdated management approaches that have failed… ┬áSalmon are indicators of the health of our home as critical components of ecosystems we depend on, from streams, to lakes, major rivers, estuaries, the coast and out to the deep blue sea. If they continue decline, what does that say about us? [read full article]

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