Could it be the largest fish caught in North America?

Michael and Margaret Snell, a couple from England, had no idea their second fishing trip to the West Coast would bring them more to celebrate about than their first.

During their first visit to the Coast, they were quite happy with the 1.5 metre sturgeon they caught on the Fraser River. This great experience brought them back to the coast a second time this month. They had no idea what was in store for them this year, especially when the end of their fishing rod first dipped toward the water. They also had no idea that the 45 minute fight would bring them one of the largest fish ever caught in North America. You could just imagine their surprise when a white sturgeon, spanning almost 4 metres long and 135 cm wide, attached to the end of their line, surfaced the water.

Werk, [their guide,] estimated the sturgeon was at least 100 years old, weighing roughly 500 kilograms. Based on a database kept by the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, Werk said it could be the largest fish ever caught in the continent. [Read full article]

If you have never seen a white sturgeon, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery has a life-sized replica of one. Come by and get a grasp at just how big these ancient fish can be.
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