“The Fate of the Fraser”

“The Fate of the Fraser”, today’s feature story on The Tyee, is the first in a series that will run on Wednesdays.  The article focuses on the author’s experience as a participant in the Sustainable Living Leadership Program, a journey down the Fraser River that brings together the theory and practice of sustainable living and community stewardship. Author Colleen Kimmett writes, “Our purpose was to see first-hand how British Columbians live and work on the Fraser, and gain a better understanding of how people, land and rivers are connected.”

The Fraser is part of a system extending far out into the Pacific. When salmon farms first arrived in the 1990s in the Broughton Archipelago, they seemed like a good economic solution for the depressed communities there.   But over the next decade, scientists started to see links between fish farm operations and deadly sea lice infestations among wild salmon populations…[read the full article]

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