Fish data since 2000 being revealed!

Conservation groups have been seeking data on sea lice infestations at fish farms for years and it seems they will now get their wish.  The Cohen Commission has expanded the initial request of “five years’ worth of fish health data from 21 farms” to ten years’ worth of data from 120 farms.  This will be the first time the public can analyze information such as sea lice infestation, disease outbreaks, and water conditions on a farm-by-farm basis.

The commission had initially asked for five years’ worth of fish health data from 21 farms, but submissions to the commission by conservation groups “persuades me [Commissioner Bruce Cohen] that there is a likelihood that the respondents possess documents in a usable format from 2000 to the present which will assist me in making findings regarding the impact, if any, of salmon farms on Fraser River sockeye salmon.” …[read full article]

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