‘Frankenfish’ for dinner?

If you were given the choice between wild or genetically modified fish for dinner, which would you chose? If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the States approves the selling of what people are calling ‘Frankenfish’, Americans will be given this option.

Garth Fletcher and Choy Hew of Memorial University, Newfoundland, and Peter Davis of Queens University in Ontario started scientific experiments to alter an AtlanticĀ salmon that could withstand colder waters. Twenty years later, their efforts evolved into creating an entirely new type of Atlantic salmon. Genetically modified to be twice the size and grow twice as fast as regular Atlantic salmon, the raising of these fish would apparently not impose any threat to wild stocks (as they are sterile) or their habitats, nor are they deemed to be unsafe for humans to eat. In fact, the FDA approved the genetically modified salmon as safe for consumption in September 2010.

Since theĀ media has been generating attentionĀ about the fish, and the possibility of this being the first genetically modified animal for sale on the markets,Ā much controversy has been sparkedĀ by environmentalists and politicians on both sides of the border. [Read full article or to learn more.]

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