Freshwater Habitat Ruled Out as Cause for Decline in Sockeye Population




Sockeye Waiting to be Processed

Lewis Faulkner Collection,

GOGCS Photo Collection G1998.006.002-8



“While mining, logging, hydro projects and other industrial developments in the watershed are degrading habitat quality, none of them can be blamed for the precipitous drop in sockeye stocks…” suggests a report written by Marc Nelitz, a scientist researching¬†for the¬†Cohen Commission Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye on the Fraser River.

The study investigated logging practices, hydro projects, agricultural development, water use,  ubanization and more within the Fraser River basin. Their study found that the cause of the sockeye decline is outside the Fraser River environment. There are a variety of factors within the Strait of Georgia that impact the mortality of marine life, some of them include: lack of food, freshwater and marine pathogens, harmful algal blooms, among other elements. [Read full article].

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