“It’s all about the herring”

This weekend’s feature article in The Tyee highlighted the importance of herring in the West Coast. Herring was a significant food source for historical and pre-historical societies. The author writes about the work of UBC researcher Iain McKechnie and the Herring School at SFU.

“Part of the fervor of the herring researchers is to pinpoint why particular herring runs have dropped and not recovered. Overfishing and shoreline development are obvious culprits. And some decline may be random: small, abundant species that reproduce quickly tend to have populations that yo-yo. Genetic isolation, too, may doom local populations. In the Georgia Strait as a whole, for example, the herring fishery is quite healthy, while the Tla’amin herring population within the Strait has tanked.” [read full article]

Herring from Prince Rupert and the Georgia Strait are also excellent sustainable choices high in Omega-3s.

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