Low Prediction for Fraser Sockeye Run in 2011

A¬†sockeye salmon’s life is based on a four-year¬†cycle. Returns for this year’s Fraser River run¬†are not expected to be as high as the record-breaking¬†returns of 2010. The¬†number¬†of¬†salmon returning to the river¬†each¬†year¬†are significant¬†because¬†they generally¬†dictate the¬†amount returning¬†to spawn¬†four years later.

If we look back to the runs in 2007, only 1.5 million were counted, with only 900,000 spawners. Based on a survival rate of approximately¬†five¬†fish¬†for every spawner, the fisheries are expecting approximately¬†3 to¬†5 million sockeye¬†this year,¬†which doesn’t amount to much¬†for the fisheries. [Read full article].

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