Million of dollars in losses due to the IHN virus.

Photo: Marine Harvest Canada

Fish farms Grieg Seafoods Culloden Point in Sechelt and Mainstream Canada in Clayquot Sound are culling their fish because their stocks have tested positive for the IHN virus. Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis (IHN) attacks the fish’s blood and can kill up to 100 percent of an infected population within a week. It also spreads quickly if the affected fish are not removed from the water.  To reduce the risk of further infection to neighbouring farms these farms are destroying their entire stocks of salmon, amounting to millions of dollars in losses.

“These salmon are our passion and our livelihood, but doing the right thing has been our priority and this has involved some tough choices.”

Both companies say they are looking at their insurance coverage and will explore with CFIA whether any government assistance programs are available. [Read full article].

While the quarantine is in place for a two week period, the industry voluntarily keeps their sites void of fish for three months.
The David Suzuki Foundation urges for shifts in salmon farming from open-net pens to closed-containment systems, to aid in controlling the contamination of disease between fish farms and the natural environment surrounding the open-net pens. (Read more here).
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