New evidence, new critiques in sea lice debate

The issues: salinity and methodology.  The article in question presenting new information: Evidence of farm-induced parasite infestations on wild juvenile salmon in multiple regions of coastsl British Columbia, Canada, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. The critique: BC Salmon Farmer’s Association as stated on Fish Info and Services website.  The debate: wild salmon advocates and fish farm supporters as brought together on

Stay educated on the hot topic of sea lice and salmon farms.

“BCSFA calls the analysis “overly-simplistic” and claims it has significant gaps, reuses questionable methodology and is founded on flawed assumptions. 

For example, the association insisted, the salinity levels in the ‘control site’ are significantly lower than in the other locations, and because sea lice levels are naturally lower when salinity is reduced, the choice made for a control site is poor. Also, ocean currents, geography, natural population variations and more were not considered”…[read full article]

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