Piscine reovirus found in BC freshwater fish

Photo: Terry Donnelly

Rick Routledge, a Simon Fraser professor, uncovered piscineĀ reovirus in 13 out of 15Ā cutthroat trout collected from Cultus Lake. While this is no cause for concern for humans and their consumption of fish, itĀ couldĀ have an impact on other freshwater populations of fish such as salmon.

According to Routledge, the virus is widespread in Norwegian salmon farms where it has been linked the death of 20% of infected fish.

Routledge says after he started testing with a biologist from the Watershed Watch Salmon Society, it was not hard to find fish infected with the virus.

“We found it because we looked. It’s as simple as that. I think it’s really serious and sometimes I feel desperate that the province isn’t taking this more seriously, and the federal government. They should be.”

Conversely, Gary Marty,Ā  a BC Ministry of Agriculture fish pathologist,Ā expressed little cause for concern. In 2010 the virus appeared in 75% of farm raise fish, but causedĀ no disease among the fish.

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