Prosecution of Fish Farm Case Taken Over by Federal Government

On Tuesday, the Federal Government issued a stay on Alexandra Morton’s case against Marine Harvest Canada Inc. – and then issued their own charges. According to an article in The Globe and Mail, Morton alleged that the company had scooped up wild stocks along with their farmed stock and then instead of releasing the wild salmon, left them on a dock to die.

She first took her case to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which declined to take on the case; then she took matters into her own hands and laid charges under the Fisheries Act for illegal possession of salmon.

In its own subsequent investigation the DFO not only agreed with Morton but issued more charges, for a total of four against the company: two for catching and failing to release wild salmon, and two for catching and failing to release herring.

“Mr. [Jeffrey] Jones [Morton’s lawyer] said he hopes the case will lead to stricter monitoring of the fish farming industry, especially when it comes to determining how frequently wild salmon and herring are caught in fish farm nets.”…[read full article]

The news comes just days before Morton starts her Get Out Migration, which we told you about here.

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