Raincoast Trading Gets Ocean Wise Certified


The search for sustainable seafood has just gotten a little easier, thanks to a new partnership between Ocean Wise and Raincoast Trading. According to an article in Wednesday’s Vancouver Sun, Ocean Wise, a sustainability verification program run by the Vancouver Aquarium, already has certified partners such as restaurants and culinary schools, but Raincoast Trading will be their first certified retail product.

The move will help consumers to stay away from the cheap, readily available tinned albacore tuna which currently fills grocery store shelves. That tuna, the article explains, is caught primarily in over-exploited South Pacific fisheries.

Raincoast Trading’s tuna, on the other hand, is caught in the sustainable West Coast fishing industry. It’s more expensive than mainstream tuna ($5-$6 per can, in comparison to the $2 per can for South Pacific tuna), but that change means a better, more sustainable product:

Raincoast co-owner Mike Wick, who runs the company with his brother Chris, knew from the outset that his products would have to be better than your average tuna. The fourth generation fishermen founded the company 10 years ago.

“At the time the best fish was going to Japan, so we decided to keep some of the higher quality fish so people here can enjoy that,” Wick said. The process from hook to tin is designed to create a premium product.

The fish is cooked only once right in the can with no added water, oil or salt. Mainstream tinned fish is cooked once before it is tinned and then again in the can to kill pathogens.[… read full article]

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