Richmond’s Pasco Seafood caught up in a federal investigation

Source: Vancouver Sun, Nick Procaylo

Richmond’s Pasco Seafood has been receiving a lot of attention in the media over the past week because of a federal investigation. The investigation involves the illegalĀ capture of 64,151 kg of salmon by a native fishery last summer. As Pasco Seafood has allegedly purchased a percentage of that fish, itĀ has become a target in the investigation.Ā 

Pasco Seafood prides itselfĀ in its sourcingĀ of legal and sustainableĀ seafood, as it participates in the OceanwiseĀ and Thisfish programs.

On its website, Pasco states: ā€œOur commitment to environmentally sustainable fishing practices also means we do not purchase fish which have been caught, landed or otherwise procured illegally. We ensure the legality of our supply chain by engaging openly in dialogue with all parties including fishermen, governments, trade associations, non-governmental organizations and food retailers.ā€ [Read full article].

As the company participates in these sustainability programs, it is an unfortunate turn of events that the legality of some of its products have come into question. The investigation also brings to light the need for a national standard for traceability and sustainability that would be regulated and enforced.

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