Roe, roe, roe your boat?

Several RCMP vessels are docked at Shearwater on Denny Island near Bella Bella to guard against any potential interference by Heiltsuk protesting a commercial gillnet fishery in local waters. Photo courtesy of The Vancouver Sun.

The Vancouver Sun reports that RCMP have been installed in Bella Bella as the conflict over the commercial herring roe fishery escalates. The local Heiltsuk First Nation have stated that “We will exercise our authority to stop any commercial herring activity in our territories. We will protect our aboriginal rights to the fullest extent possible should commercial fishers not abide by the ban.” Of prime concern is the protection of the herring stock in their traditional waters. The Heilstuk have expressed interest in working with the Department of Fisheries to collectively make fundamental changes to the fishery.

Learn more about the conflict here.

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