Safeway announces commitment to sustainable seafood by 2015

Following on the heels of other retailers who have pledged to sell sustainable seafood, Safeway announced yesterday that it plans to source its fresh and frozen seafood from sustainable and traceable sources by 2015.

Safeway’s 224 stores have already removed several redlisted species from seafood counters, including Atlantic halibut, orange roughy, Chilean sea bass and shark and has discontinued its store-label canned yellowfin tuna.

“The next step for us is to survey our suppliers to find out all the products they are supplying us, the details of the species and the method of catch,” said Canada Safeway director of corporate social responsibility, Renee Hopfner. “Our suppliers know this is important to us, so they are in the process of pulling together the information.” …

The grocery chain’s sustainable seafood policy and implementation program was designed in partnership with SeaChoice, a program founded by five Canadian environmental organizations including the David Suzuki Foundation and the Living Oceans Society. [read full article]

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