Should Steveston expand its heritage areas?

The historical village of Steveston is a draw for many. Sites such as the  Gulf of Georgia Cannery and the Britannia Heritage Shipyards bring history to life; visitors are drawn to Steveston’s boardwalk, the specialty shops, great restaurants, coffee shops, and more. All of which are housed in venues filled with history and charm. What isn’t there to like about this town?  It comes as no surprise then, that  Richmond city planners are talking about expanding Steveston’s heritage areas, stretching from Garry Point Park all the way to London Farms. The proposal, made last week, was presented to the city council’s planning committee and supported an area policy protecting 17 heritage buildings and 77 other village elements from demolition.  These policies would however, have a direct impact on property owners in the area, as these policies will require heritage alteration permits and approval to make changes to buildings. The proposition aids in architectural conservation and the maintenance of heritage, but it would also help promote the fishing village to tourists. [Read full article].

What do you think? Are you a property owner in Steveston, would you like to abide by property standards set out by the city, in the name of heritage?

Are you a frequent visitor to Steveston? Would you like to see the village preserved and become a heritage area?

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