Sockeye run predicted to rebound this summer

A sockeye salmon scurries through shallow water. Andy Clark/ Reuters

The Globe and Mail reports that early forecasts indicate that this summer’s sockeye run will number about 11.4 million salmon. At this point, it’s expected that sockeye salmon will be available for aboriginal, sport and commercial fisheries in August without compromising the sustainability of the runs.

This year’s forecast is tempered with the high expectations for last year’s disastrous run, when only 10% of the predicted number of sockeye salmon made the trek to their spawning grounds.

“It would be a good run size, not a great run, but it would be decent fishing for everyone,” said Phil Eidsvik, a commercial fisherman and outspoken member of the B.C. Fisheries Survival Coalition.

“But, and it is a big but, salmon forecasts have been notoriously inaccurate for some 15 years. So we will believe the fish is there when the fish show up in the river,” he said. “Nobody is going to be running out, buying new nets and boats, not until we see some fish show up.”  [read full article]

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