Spot prawns are becoming pricey treats!

Chili Garlic Prawns are photographed at Kwan restaurant in midtown Toronto on April 24. (Merle Robillard for The Globe and Mail)

Haven’t got your spot prawn fix in yet? It might be trickier -and costlier – than usual this season. The Globe and Mail reports that Vancouver restaurants are re-evaluating serving these delicacies, as prices are proving too high for many chefs to justify on their menus. In a typical season, buyers who work for large seafood companies in Japan and China show up on docks the day the fishery opens and haggle for a low price. This year, however, they offered to pay more than usual.

What’s changed? A disease called Early Mortality Syndrome has wiped out Asia’s farm-raised tiger prawn industry, increasing the global demand for spot prawns. While 2013 prices were at $14-15 dollars per pound, they are now up to $17-$20 locally – or $35 per pound if you want them in Toronto.

Read more about what the top chefs have to say here. Still got a craving? Satisfy it at one of these 10 restaurants still serving them.

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