Studies show GM salmon can breed with wild salmon

It is possible for male genetically modified Atlantic salmon to breed with wild female salmon. Studies showed the male salmon will fertilize the eggs of female wild salmon, given the opportunity. Even though they show less interest in the female fish, than wild males do, they do manage to take part in the natural spawning process.

This could potentially be problematic if the fish were to escape and pass on their genes into the  wild, however, if they were in land-based containment systems, there would be less likelihood of this occurring.

Concerns of cross-contamination between genetically modified and non-GM foods are no longer reserved for crop farmers. Canadian researchers have found that transgenic Atlantic salmon can pass their genes on to wild salmon if they escape into the wild.

“It is possible for the genetic modification to enter wild populations through natural sexual reproduction,” Darek Moreau, a researcher in evolutionary ecology at Memorial University in St. John’s told Postmedia News.

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