Sturgeon Beyond the Mountains

Her name is¬†“Georgia” and she is sometimes overlooked as she swims overhead, close to the Cannery rafters. Once she she is spotted though, she often sparks¬†a series of questions from visitors. “What is that? A shark? Is that Jaws? Is that its real size?”

Georgia is the Cannery’s life-sized¬†fiberglass replica of a Fraser River white sturgeon. And if you haven’t seen her yet, come by and check her out. She is HUGE! Fraser River white sturgeon can grow to be 6 meters long, weigh up to 600 kg, and live up to¬†150 years old.

What is especially unique about the Fraser River Sturgeon, is they are the last like them in the entire world. As a species, they have existed over the past 65 million years virtually unchanged. How many creatures can attest to that evolutionary history? Not many. Sturgeon of the Fraser are the largest of the fresh water fish in North America, even though they spawn in fresh water and often migrate to and from salt water during their life span.

For over a century, sturgeon have been commercial and sport fished worldwide, as people enjoy the fight to catch a fish their size, but also for eating the meat and the delicacy of their caviar. As there has been a decline in the Fraser River sturgeon numbers over the years, conservation groups like the Fraser River Conservation Society, are working hard to help maintain and promote healthy populations of white sturgeon in our Fraser.

Georgia is a fiberglass replica of a life-sized Fraser River white sturgeon. She is on long term loan from the Fraser River Conservation Society and was constructed by Gander and Sons Taxidermy.

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