Tall Ships to Return in 2011

Image from Vancouver Sun

After nine years, the Tall Ships will be returning to Richmond next summer. An article in Monday’s Vancouver Sun notes that despite what the paper terms a “disastrous experience in 2002” which resulted in a half-million dollar loss, the city is ready to try again. This time, they believe, they have Olympic exposure on their side.

The article quotes city spokesman Ted Townsend, who notes that Richmond has learned from 2002 and is confident that it is better prepared to implement plans which will avoid the problems noted at that event:

“We’re taking a different approach this time,” said city spokesman Ted Townsend. “In 2002, we had people who would walk into the ships and not leave, which resulted in the long lineups. This time, we are going to introduce a new ticketing system and allocate a specific time for tours so we can move the crowds more efficiently.”[…read full article]

The city has also implemented plans to build more docks and attract smaller vessels. With a little over a year before the big festival, preparations are already well underway.

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