The Sustainable Daily Catch

All the seafood available at the Daily Catch, located on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, is responsibly harvested from sustinable fisheries. According to Ocean Wise, the Daily Catch, which has been thriving since opening 6 months ago, is the the only retailer selling 100-per-cent sustainable product

Ryan Johnson and Dylan McCulloch, a pair of twenty-somethings from the Sunshine Coast, had little to lose and gambled that Vancouver would pony up for top quality seafood and a guarantee that dinner would do no damage to the world’s beleaguered fish stocks. …

Johnson believes The Daily Catch is the only all-sustainable fishmonger in Vancouver, probably Canada and possibly North America. With most retailers and restaurants, Ocean Wise guides a years-long process of weaning from non-sustainable products, Ocean Wise spokesman Mike McDermid said. Johnson and McCulloch crossed the finish line their first day in business. … [read full article]

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